Monday, July 06, 2009

The Starting Lineup - RIP Steve McNair (you would have been an All-star)

-----------------THE STARTING LINEUP Pt. 1
Game Time. Damn he’s fine!
I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time.
Quarter one
its just begun
I got a call to hook up with Allen Iverson.
Quarter 2
and I’m about due
to fly to D.C. to see Larry Hughes.
Cocktails, expensive dinner and a movie
far from a groupie, but
I’m feeling kinda tipsy and I know he wants to do me.
But hold up!
Before any copulations
I’ve got to verify your health certifications.
Ooh yeah, now pull my hair
Chris Webber, Roy Jones or Steve McNair.
Right there.

It’s late in the evening
and you know I’ve been thinking
in my room I could sneak in...
Fres Oquendo
that fine ass Puerto Ri-can
It seems so nutritious, that chocolate Mike Vick looks quite delicious.
I know he’s young, but I’m a cut him some slack.
I might even let him kiss me between my haystack
or give him permission to unzip my backpack.
And just in case baby boy gets sacked
I want Dante Culpepper as my quarterback
he can throw
I’ll catch
turn my back
he can fetch
he’s got me singing “thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing”
he’s got me cleared for a landing like a plane from Boeing.
Right now, I’m in the zone
I keep my treasures in a vault locked up like Al Capone’s
but I’d give my combination to Eddie Jones.
I don’t fu*k with the Lakers cause they traded my baby.
I’d rather fly like an Eagle with the Steelers Duce Staley.

-----------------THE STARTING LINEUP Pt. 2
…Mmmm mmmm
It’s so tasty
the thought that Derek Jeter can’t wait to taste me.
I can’t believe, the way he swings his bat
in Armani or his cleats cause he’s got it like that.


I’ve got to make a decision.
Do I let Robert Horry stick his key in my ignition
while we listen to R. Kelly sing Sex In The Kitchen?
Hell yeah… Aw baby faster
make me come hard like a beat from Trackmasters.

3rd Quarter on the road and it’s getting late
I think I need Paul Pierce to help me navigate.
I pull over, to the side of the lane
and get a lift from Mike Rucker and Sugar Shane
in a field with a hut and some sugar cane.
I go back to the city and I’m feeling like a winner.
Put on my throwback cause it’s time for dinner
and I’m getting served by Sugar Ray Leonard.
In the 4th, the game is almost over
I reach down in my jeans to find my four-leaf clover
make a wish “snap”
and just like that
I’m pinned down by The Rock
on a wrestling mat
in Brazil
on the side of a hill
we don’t have on any clothes just to keep it real.
We kiss, because he’s got it all
and I feel myself coming like a waterfall.
I’m wet!
But it’s only my sweat?
That was just my fantasy team
but sometimes…I forget.

WASET - from The POWER journal - Chronicles of a Revolutionary Black Woman - go get THAT!


Gman's Philosophy 101 said...

I'm not hatin but you are quite nasty. I know it's old and a tribute to McNair but a Dave and Buster's chick, really!...

Anonymous said...

I liked this. I thought it was clever and classy notwithstanding the topic. Well done.