Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorialize This (Conmemore Esto)

A funny thing happened on the way to my mailbox the other day. For a split second, I expected to find a check when I lifted the squeaky black lid and dug my hand inside. Yep, I imagined that I would stick my hand in the box and out would come a check from the United States Department of Reparations. Not to be greedy, but I was thinking that my check would be about $75,000 after taxes. I know… I know…that’s not much when you consider that black people built the United States, but since I’m so far removed from the actual bricklaying and cotton picking, $75,000 seemed like a good compromise.

Needless to say, there was no check when I went to the mailbox. However, there was a bright colorful flyer in my mailbox from the cable company trying to sell me something. The problem was, the motherfucking flyer was in Spanish. Talk about incensed. Everywhere I go these days, I have to rifle through menus, detergent bottles, billboards, deposit slips and a whole bunch of other shit written in Spanish because the United States has become he world's largest catering business. That’s right, your government has sold you out to the likes of the huge corporations that didn’t get enough by outsourcing your jobs overseas. Nope, they had to import people at such a feverish pace that they didn’t care if laws were broken or if your rights as citizens of this nation were impaled. Illegal aliens are now served. God Bless America!

Speaking of that deposit slip, (click photo to enlarge) wouldn't a fucking bank of all places have enough money to print two separate slips instead of pissing me off? I can't be the only one bothered by these shenanigans, but since the blacks I know remain mute, here I am again putting the team on my back. I'm gonna have Kyphosis (hunchback) by the time I'm 40 from carrying you.

By now you’re probably thinking, who is really writing this article and what have they done with WASET? Well, I can assure you folks, it’s the same me you knew before, only angrier. I’m angry because I belong to a race that is chock full of idiots. Ok, hold your fire. If you’re not an idiot, we’ll try to sort that out later. If you are an idiot, it’s not like you are alone, so chill out.

Now in writing this, I'm not only upset that I'm spending my Memorial Day holed up in front of my PC, but I'm also unsettled because I have given you a year to think about how illegal immigration and amnesty is going to harm you Negroes and still you have yet to pick up a picket sign or make one phone call to your Congressional bleeders... I mean leaders. (For those of you who have done something, you know I wasn't directing those comments at the 4 of you.) Have you even read the latest proposed Amnesty bill that Bush and the rest of the crackhead illiterates in Washington have said is "not Amnesty?" Oh, how about this, have you at least read an article that gives you a synopsis of the latest proposed Amnesty bill that Bush and the rest of the crackhead illiterates in Washington have said is "not Amnesty?" Do you have any idea how the passing of such a bill will affect you and your children? Turn off the fucking BET and research your future. Por Favor!

And just in case you missed last year's illegal immigration truth telling session by yours truly, click here and scroll's easy. Try it.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wanna See How Far We've Fallen As A People?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you...Pretty Ricky!

I'm willing to put money down that these dudes have served more "hot dogs" than Coney Island. In my humble opinion of course...