Monday, September 12, 2005

For Those Who Died in the City of the Dead

They lay by the side of the road; on a street called Humanity and along the I-10 Interstate. Some floated, bloated – their souls lifted, but the flesh was the last to melt away. Others rested beneath planks of one hundred and fifty year-old wood, memorialized by delicate bric-a-brack ornaments that had fallen atop their lumbered shrouds. Some were placed on airport conveyor belts and luggage carts and wheeled into makeshift morgues while they still had breath – because somebody said it was peaceful there. One man died on a chaise lounge chair, which lay precariously on a grassy area near the curb of a previously busy intersection. Somebody finally came for him, but for many days and nights the man lay beneath the stars with one shoe on and one shoe off. Each individual had a story. Lives lived and then swiftly reduced to a last breath of air filled with death. These were Hurricane Katrina and her sinister co-conspirators greatest recipients of unrelenting fury. So when New Orleans reopens her eyes and her heart re-beats with the jazz that comprises her soul, she will play many a tune for these fallen natives whose lives and deaths should never be forgotten.

WASET 9/11/05

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I cried...

I cried last night for the Australian Aborigines
for the indigenous people of Fiji and Tahiti and the Hawaii’s
of Kmt, Samoa and Mali and the Philippines
of Mississippi and Alabama and the streets of New Orleans
I cried last night until my sheets were soaked
like a roaring river of broken hopes that belonged to all those who died so I could tell their story.
Long gone from here are they now and their legacies have been reduced to thrones of dusty rubble and lost glory.
Grasping my Ankh, clutching my shield and sword
192 billion and counting to Iraq
but for my people who are hurting, what shall be their reward?
I cried for the little boys and girls who saw the earth take away
what they never really had anyway.
A fair chance
Everything for the oil companies, but for us never even a glance
Until the glance fell upon you by the world’s eye
People Black and poor so I’m sure you and your mammy would never cry
For us
But don’t bother getting this twisted.
Five days without food and water at the Superdome
and you dare question why Kanye resisted.
Uh oh, here they come again.
Tears marching just like the soldiers you failed to send in.
Drip Drop
Drip Drop
I’m twitching now wishing that they would please stop
Hey CNN don’t show those same looters again.
We saw the man with the plasma TV.
Could you cut back to the elderly woman screaming please help me?
Sure could have used some help from the Office of Homeland Security.
Thoughts racing, time’s a wasting, devastated citizens pacing –
worried about the hard roads they’re facing.
But honestly there’s nothing more for us to lose.
Time to pick ourselves up out of the cotton fields
and stop singing these blues.
It won’t be easy, but we can’t just let you take The Big Easy.
We know the devil chased little aboriginal girls along the rabbit proof fence
We know the devil still shoots Iraqi citizens under false pretense.
And it's only obvious that we know what we are up against
it’s called clear and present danger
Hope you're never trapped behind a Bush and need help from this stranger
Matter fact,
I won’t even be able to cry for you because I have no tears left…
just anger.

only by WASET © 2005

Monday, September 05, 2005

Normal Is Relative

“It is important to understand and realize [that] the political leadership does not reflect the will of the American people. It’s time for us to dig down [deep in] our souls and redefine American greatness”
New Orleans native Wynton Marsalis on CNN – 9/4/05
As the floodwaters recede and the bloated and crushed dead bodies are collected from New Orleans and Mississippi, many people who have not been affected by Hurricane Katrina are turning their televisions back to MTV and the Style channel and getting back to their normal lives. Well I can tell you, normal is relative.

As we have all witnessed, many if not most of the victims are Black. Unfortunately, as I have also seen, there are many Negroes that do not seem to grasp the severity of the situation. On message boards across the Internet, I have seen idiotic displays of internal racism splashed across my Dell pc in manners that I cannot fully describe. Negro ignorance will surely translate into further Black suffering if those who are conscious and ready to act fail to do so. Although I am certain that some of those posting on the Black message boards are not Black, for those that are Negro and have been making ignorant and clearly uninformed statements against the interests of your race, you sicken me. You are not rational, you are not normal.

I must applaud Kanye West for his unwritten and clearly emotional statements made a few days ago where he criticized the way Blacks have been treated in this catastrophe. Without regard for the consequences, repercussions and even bashing by some of his own people, Kanye stated in front of the entire world, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” Wow! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I must question the reason why NBC did not air Kanye’s statements to its West Coast viewers (don't worry, I knew they were going to edit it out). I believe news is news and it is very irresponsible of a network to edit statements just because the people that run the networks may not agree with such statements. Many people have also said that while they agree with Kanye’s statements, they feel that he made the right statement at the wrong time. How the hell do you figure? When exactly do these people propose would be a good time? When nobody’s listening versus when everyone is listening? No wonder Nat Turner got caught. There is always a Negro snitch. There is always a Negro who wants to eat a better piece of pork from the massa’s plate instead of owning the whole plantation. Dumb ass niggas, I hate them! They are not normal.

Of course we know that the media will ALWAYS try to find a Negro to refute what a Black man has said, but Negroes don’t even make it hard on the media. They come out in force like, “here we is, we gone tell ya that not all us nigletts think Kanye was right.” I was watching Carol Lin of CNN interview Bishop T.D. Jakes last night. Damn, Lin was asking Jakes (who was sitting up there looking like a big, black pimp) if he agreed or at least shared the sentiments of Kanye West and Jakes just plain ignored her questions. He claimed to be outraged by the scenes that we have all witnessed, but he suggested that we should “check our bells and whistles” and investigate what happened. Nigga, we know what happened. Bush flew to San Diego even though he knew what was going on. He is the first person is the goddamned country to be briefed on the situation. How dare he go give a speech someplace? Oh yeah, he did that during 9-11 too. He probably wanted to stay consistent.

Anyway, back to Jakes, a backwoods preacher who has a flock of followers that number in the tens of thousands. No wonder he didn’t criticize Bush yesterday. He was on camera jiggin with Bush this morning when Bush came back to the crippled area. Boy was he cheesin’ and a grinning. I thought he was gonna start tap dancing next to Bush, but his ugly ass suit was probably too tight. Wake up people, stop following these snake charmers who have been chosen by God to have you buy them private jets and Phantom Rolls Royces. These people are not normal.

I have to say that there are people out there that have not been afraid to speak up and really voice their emotions and pleas. Those are the people who know that if Paris Hilton had been stuck at the New Orleans Convention Center - the Army would have bulldozed every Black person blocking her path to get to her and rescue her from peril. Don’t let me get started on Condoleezza Rice. She better know that had she accidentally found herself in The Big Easy without her ID, she might have been one of the ones run over by the Paris Hilton rescue squad. Do you know that dear ole Condi was in New York buying shoes as Black babies died from dehydration? Then she had the nerve to show up at an Alabama church a week later. Funny how I didn’t see Bush, Cheney, Rice or Rumsfeld or any of those other clowns show up in the city of New Orleans proper. Didn't see them on Canal Street in front of the burned out Foot Locker. The cameras didn't "photo-op" them next to the bloated dead body on Poydras. Didn’t see them at any of the Black shelters - just at the white ones. Hmmm, go figure. But that my friends, for the current US Administration and many in America as a whole, is normal.

only by WASET © 2005

Stay tuned for more coming later today...

Friday, September 02, 2005


Okay, I know I've said some stuff about Kanye in the past few months. However, I was just watching the Hurricane Relief telethon on NBC a few moments ago when Kanye said "George Bush doesn't care about Black people," I had to throw my hands up and say Aten! Yes, that's Aten and not Amen. (I'll tell you about that later, just hit me up.)

Anyway, since they wouldn't let me on TV, Kanye West went as my proxy and told the world the same thing I would have said if they let me anywhere near the airwaves. Damn, I guess I gotta cop his "Late Registration" CD.



Thursday, September 01, 2005

CODE RED - "So Poor, So Black," so says Wolf Blitzer

I donated my first $100.00 to the Red Cross yesterday. I know that isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but considering the grand scale of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, every cent we contribute will do some good.

One item (among about 5, 732 other items) that completely baffles me is the fact that the Bush-led US government has spent nearly 200 billion dollars in Iraq, yet now that a horrible calamity has occurred, they can’t even save citizens from drowning inside their own homes. Am I the only one who thinks the military is dragging their feet coming to the rescue of the predominately Black victims of the storm? People are dying on the sidewalks of the Morial Convention Center. People are lying in their own excrement at Charity hospital – but least we forget these people, are Black. People are praying that a boat or a barge will pull up to the Convention Center, (which sits parallel to the Mississippi River) yet even the Navy ships that have been activated are just leaving Baltimore and Norfolk today. Huh! What’s another week to starving, hungry poor people? I think it is the difference between life and death, but that’s just me.

Watching the bureaucratic stumbling and continuous poppycock that leaps from the mouths of those in charge of the situation is sickening. Let’s not fool ourselves, the people are not getting help because these people are Black. I’m so tired of looking at all those southern political crackers talking about how all this help for the nigras is on the way. And how dare the so-called President ask the American population for money!

“At this stage in the recovery efforts, it's important for those who want to contribute to contribute cash; to contribute cash to a charity of your choice but make sure you designate that gift for hurricane relief. You can call 1-800-HELP-NOW or you can get on the Red Cross Web page, The Red Cross needs our help, and I urge our fellow citizens to contribute.”
GW Bush - 8/31/05

If Condoleezza had any balls she would slap the shit of him for making that statement. Oh I forgot, she is one of his evildoers. As a matter of fact, she had been mute the whole time until today when she “decided” that international assistance would not be turned away. Hell, if you tell her that she’s Black she’ll probably say, “I am?”

Just how much of your personal oil money do you plan to donate Mr. Bush? Oh never mind.

Furthermore, how dare officials tell the population that they didn’t know how bad the damage was. If reporters can use helicopters to spy on celebrity weddings in Malibu and inform the audiences of what type of underwear the bride has on, surely the US armed forces can use their helicopters to inform the world that a “mayday, mayday” signal is warranted.

Now since everyone knew about the Hurricane at least a week before it slammed into the gulf cities, why wasn’t the National Guard and the entire US military on stand by? Naval ships and Army helicopters should have been fueled, staffed and ready to fire up the engines and head out as soon as they knew where to go and what the initial damage looked like. I hope I don’t see any Bush supporters this week cause I’m libel to slap the shit out of the first one I see.

I wish somebody could tell me where the Black leaders are? I haven’t heard a damn thing from them, although I don’t even know who Black leaders are anyway. Do we have any? Maybe there are some Black leaders and they just haven’t been able to get any airtime on the cable news networks. I mean, I could only hope to see Diddy and Oprah offering to donate up some of their bling and Hermes money to their fellow Black Americans. Hey, maybe Kanye West will donate profits from the sales of his new album? Time will tell folks, only time will tell. By the way, while on my lunch break today, I turned to BET. As usual, they were playing music videos. I think it was Paul Wall, you know him, he’s the white guy rapper with the full set of platinum fronts. HOLLA!

Did anyone hear Wolf Blitzer on CNN make the comment this afternoon: “those people are so poor and so Black?” Wow, what exactly does that mean? I gotta go now, I think Jesse Jackson is on Larry King Live calling in from a bridge in New Orleans. Finally! Remember when he got those hostages free in Serbia? If he can free the displaced citizens of New Orleans, he should immediately be elected President dammit!