Thursday, September 01, 2005

CODE RED - "So Poor, So Black," so says Wolf Blitzer

I donated my first $100.00 to the Red Cross yesterday. I know that isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but considering the grand scale of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, every cent we contribute will do some good.

One item (among about 5, 732 other items) that completely baffles me is the fact that the Bush-led US government has spent nearly 200 billion dollars in Iraq, yet now that a horrible calamity has occurred, they can’t even save citizens from drowning inside their own homes. Am I the only one who thinks the military is dragging their feet coming to the rescue of the predominately Black victims of the storm? People are dying on the sidewalks of the Morial Convention Center. People are lying in their own excrement at Charity hospital – but least we forget these people, are Black. People are praying that a boat or a barge will pull up to the Convention Center, (which sits parallel to the Mississippi River) yet even the Navy ships that have been activated are just leaving Baltimore and Norfolk today. Huh! What’s another week to starving, hungry poor people? I think it is the difference between life and death, but that’s just me.

Watching the bureaucratic stumbling and continuous poppycock that leaps from the mouths of those in charge of the situation is sickening. Let’s not fool ourselves, the people are not getting help because these people are Black. I’m so tired of looking at all those southern political crackers talking about how all this help for the nigras is on the way. And how dare the so-called President ask the American population for money!

“At this stage in the recovery efforts, it's important for those who want to contribute to contribute cash; to contribute cash to a charity of your choice but make sure you designate that gift for hurricane relief. You can call 1-800-HELP-NOW or you can get on the Red Cross Web page, The Red Cross needs our help, and I urge our fellow citizens to contribute.”
GW Bush - 8/31/05

If Condoleezza had any balls she would slap the shit of him for making that statement. Oh I forgot, she is one of his evildoers. As a matter of fact, she had been mute the whole time until today when she “decided” that international assistance would not be turned away. Hell, if you tell her that she’s Black she’ll probably say, “I am?”

Just how much of your personal oil money do you plan to donate Mr. Bush? Oh never mind.

Furthermore, how dare officials tell the population that they didn’t know how bad the damage was. If reporters can use helicopters to spy on celebrity weddings in Malibu and inform the audiences of what type of underwear the bride has on, surely the US armed forces can use their helicopters to inform the world that a “mayday, mayday” signal is warranted.

Now since everyone knew about the Hurricane at least a week before it slammed into the gulf cities, why wasn’t the National Guard and the entire US military on stand by? Naval ships and Army helicopters should have been fueled, staffed and ready to fire up the engines and head out as soon as they knew where to go and what the initial damage looked like. I hope I don’t see any Bush supporters this week cause I’m libel to slap the shit out of the first one I see.

I wish somebody could tell me where the Black leaders are? I haven’t heard a damn thing from them, although I don’t even know who Black leaders are anyway. Do we have any? Maybe there are some Black leaders and they just haven’t been able to get any airtime on the cable news networks. I mean, I could only hope to see Diddy and Oprah offering to donate up some of their bling and Hermes money to their fellow Black Americans. Hey, maybe Kanye West will donate profits from the sales of his new album? Time will tell folks, only time will tell. By the way, while on my lunch break today, I turned to BET. As usual, they were playing music videos. I think it was Paul Wall, you know him, he’s the white guy rapper with the full set of platinum fronts. HOLLA!

Did anyone hear Wolf Blitzer on CNN make the comment this afternoon: “those people are so poor and so Black?” Wow, what exactly does that mean? I gotta go now, I think Jesse Jackson is on Larry King Live calling in from a bridge in New Orleans. Finally! Remember when he got those hostages free in Serbia? If he can free the displaced citizens of New Orleans, he should immediately be elected President dammit!


hi-lo said...

Oh my goodness!! I am bookmarking your blog right now! You are spitting knowledge the likes of which would choke G.W. and Condosellout to death. It's true that if these were mostly whitefolks, the cavalry would've been there last week with Hummer limos, caviar power bars and Perrier water. I'm telling all my people about your blog and where to read the word of a true, strong sista getting past the Bushit and spitting hot fire on the Web. Keep writing 'cause I'm gonna keep reading.

CAS said...

You couldn't have said it any better WASET! It doesn't make sense that the U.S. government takes this long to come to the aid of its own citizens! 5 days after this catastrophy and people are STILL sitting on bridges and over passes for someone who at least looks like they know what they are talking about to tell them where to get food and clean water! AND these media images of "looting"!!!! The ONE image I saw of a white family taking food from a store read they "FOUND" the stuff inside the store... but the Associated Press show a young BLACK man "LOOTING" food from a store!!! WHAT THE FUQ IS THAT!!!! Is it a different definition when a black person is trying to survive than a white person???

Anonymous said...

Waset, not defense of the Natl Guard, but they have been ready. But damn, the local officials in New Orleans/LA/MS/AL never called them in until yesterday. I know people don't want to hear this, but the miliatry is about structure. They could have went in on their own & but guarantee u there would have been a different issue, i.e., why are coming to take over. After the media made a stink of it, the local officials finally asked the Natl Guard to come in. That thing about the military taking orders is no joke. As much as people think they do, they just don't take it upon themselves to go into an area on their own. No one said come in & do something, including the White House. They were told to be ready to deploy & they have been ready for a week. Not disagreeing with u on anything, but sometimes it is the local officials responsibility to get off their ass & ask for assistance.

Anonymous said...

Can you add my mommy to your distribution? She needs to be reeducated!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that I sent out the message below to the writers' groups I am in, partially as an experiment, mostly as a innovative way to help. What I find most interesting -- because we as a people do a lot of talking, pontificating, but sit on the sidelines when it comes to action -- is that not one person took the challenge to do the same thing or even donate $10 and get a book in return. You are welcomed to send the message to those you e-mail if you want, although I am more realistic today...

I am sending the message below out to my writers' groups and decided to expand it to people who may be interested or know people who may be interested. Got an e-mail from a fellow writer who thought he and his wife were leaving New Orleans temporarily and... well you know the rest. So if you have family and friends interested, tell them to contact me.

I don't have the dollars but want to assist as I can. Decided to make an offer to those in the writers group that are willing to help. I am willing to sell my book, Gettin' to the Good Wood, up to 50 copies at half price and give 100% of the sales to provide some financial assistance to fellow writers from the areas devistated by the hurricane. I will mail the money to those qualified (paid my dues to scams already) as a postal money order, so that they can go to the post office where ever they are staying and cash it there by showing ID . So if you have a ten, plus the postage, give me a call via e-mail.

E. Joyce Moore
Freelance Writer, Author of "Gettin' to the Good Wood"

Waset said...

I wanted to see what it would feel like to reply to my own sh*t. Hey it's me, WASET. I just wanna say that where the hell is Bill Clinton?

He needs to be at the Superdome. Just seeing him there would calm a lot of people's anxiety. I'm afraid that if the people see Bush flying over from his chopper, it might just send them over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being on top of it all.I will be donating to the cause just like you. Keep up the good work and keep that sharp eye on them, them, . Maybe we should think about the elders when they said "this is not our home and we will never be free here"! Are there any other suggestions?

J Hill

Anonymous said...

Hi -- I sent an e-mail to your main website, but I'm kind of confused about whether you and the main website are the same, or your blog is a subscription of the website.

Anyway, here's a copy of the e-mail, typed in haste (sorry).
My 2nd cousin sent me a link to your powerblog thing. I just wanted share a little anecdote with you.

I'm a law student. I belong to a law student discussion board on yahoo. ONe member posted about feeling a little depressed b/c as law students (as opposed to full-fledged lawyers) we are so relatively impotent, especially those of us who are no where near the devastation of the hurricane.

The first two responses to this gentle person's post suggested that he get drunk and take a bunch of anti-depressants, then get over it, "sheesh."

AFter my agreement with the original poster, one member then went on to discuss the looting, calling the looters "monkeys." I called him on it, and got accused of trying to start a "race issue" on the board. I was told that not everyone has to be PC (as if refrainig from using the word monkey in that context should be pejoratively considered PC). Another member accused me of following the herd, of jumping on the band-wagon of creating "race issues" out of supposedly nothing.

I mention this to you only with the intention of bringing to light the mindset of the leaders of America of the near future.

Two of the respondents flaming me for jumping on the use of the word monkey are conservatives; one is black himself. All of us are law students. All of us (assuming we pass the bar and go into practice) will be lawyers, judges, politicians (or teachers of same).

There is cause for concern. Certainly you're already aware of it. Just adding my own .02.


Waset said...

Dear Pam,

I have been manning various message boards all day today and have seen similar tom foolery like that you mentioned below. It is sickening and shameful, but it exist all the same. What boards are you on? I would be happy to drop by and provide a little “legalese of my own.

If Black people don’t stand together now, I fear we may really be finished as competitive members of American society. I know that is a strong statement, but I feel it is true nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. However, it seems like everybody is forgetting about Mississippi and southwestern Alabama. I have family in both southern Mississippi and the New Orleans-area of Louisiana, so I'm still worried about many of them. I'm just saying that although the NOLA was hit pretty hard, don't forget about our other "peeps" in Mississippi and Alabama.

God Bless,