Friday, September 02, 2005


Okay, I know I've said some stuff about Kanye in the past few months. However, I was just watching the Hurricane Relief telethon on NBC a few moments ago when Kanye said "George Bush doesn't care about Black people," I had to throw my hands up and say Aten! Yes, that's Aten and not Amen. (I'll tell you about that later, just hit me up.)

Anyway, since they wouldn't let me on TV, Kanye West went as my proxy and told the world the same thing I would have said if they let me anywhere near the airwaves. Damn, I guess I gotta cop his "Late Registration" CD.




MPH said...

These people harbor a disease of mysticism - this disease blinds them with a hatred that is nearly equivalent to that which foments inside the mind of a radical islamist. The need to blame something, anything, for their insecurities and self-loathing in the face of something they can not explain trumps all other desires.

Emboldened by a mainstream media that has subtly hinted that racism is the root cause of this catastrophe, it is hardly surprising in an era where voices of all sorts have the loud microphone of new media to trumpet their ideas, that the crazies being heard. Those who are guided by reason, now more than ever need to step up to match and pound down the voices of the desperate, though still dangerous, mystical anti-american Left.

Matt Cox said...

I concur. With Kanye West. We need more people who aren't scared to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

The lines will be drawn in the sand now. Everyone sees what some of us like WASET have seen and been saying for years.


hi-lo said...

Hey Waset. It's Hi-Lo. I didn't get to see the magical moment by Kanye, but even if I was watching the taped show, they edited it out on the West coast. Figures! They're afraid of a brother spitting the truth. I put Kanye on high before this and he's even higher after. As for mph, how's the view from Cloud 9? If you don't know, now you know and if you live on the white side of the tracks, you'll never know. This ain't nothin' new. Take the blinders off for five minutes and you'll see the obvious.

International Sociologist said...

I support K. West's right to speak the hearts and minds of many people in the U.S.A. and the world. It took a lot of courage. Hey, KW, run for a political office and I will help and support all I can. K. West's comments are part of our freedom of seech, that goes beyond political borders as well. I agree with Matt Cox, "We need more people who aren't scared to tell the truth." However, Matt, he may have well been scared to tell the truth! Yet, nonetheless, he had the courage to speak for people here and around the world observing the same conditions as Kanye West. I hope more leaders, individuals, and organizations support Mr. West's observations. Mr. West, you have lots of support. Please, keep us informed. If you'd like help and support. Start a new web site, "Katrina brings out the truth." WLM

Genesis said...

Late Registration is a hot album! You really should be copping it this week.

Jackie Williams said...

Kanye West said what many of us are afraid to look at straight in the eye. It is as 'mph' said, 'these racists are like the radical islamist' when it comes to hating us. It is like a disease for them.

I don't say this because it is an excuse. It is a fact! I live everyday knowing that most white people don't like me and I can never be convinced otherwise.

I hope that all of this is a wake up call for black people to start using our $900 billion yearly economy for something collectively & beneficial or we could get hit worse than this in the future.

'Wake up Black People. God is warning us and exposing our open enemy. It is time to start trusting God & not man.'

P said...

I don't think that it's black people in particular that George Bush does not care about; it is just often that the representation of the poor, disenfranchised, and indigent people (at least according to the media), are represented as minorities, blacks in specific, other people of color in general.

What George Bush does not care about is the poor and disenfranchised. Once again, let me qualify my statments. ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT INDIGENT AND DISENFRANCHISED. Not in the slightest. Bougeouis is not what you have; it's an attitude and what you think about others. And most people who have not went through something, or do not have the pulse on what is needed to 'fix', if I may, long standing issues, they will always miss the mark.

And George W. Bush misses the mark. But he is only the imprint of attitudes of many in america. At any given moment, read a yahoo article, and then click the 'discuss' button. You will not BELIEVE the comments. A discussion about renewing the Patriot Act will turn into a I hate niggers and jews campaign.

I am right on with Jackie Williams. You need to trust in what is above versus what is seen.