Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NBA Finals - Notes

Some observations. This won't take but a few ticks...

Although I like the first three peeps on the list, the last two on the list made me hate it that Miami won. I don't think ni**alicious behavior should be rewarded.

"Flash" - The HOTTEST player in the NBA.

"Zo" - cool dude, been through a lot - deserved a ring.

"Riles" - Greatest NBA coach.


Gary Payton - Punk a$$ N**** (deserves nothing) - shut your piehole, take your ring and disappear off my T.V. Screen. And, invest in some Crest Whitestrips because I don't think those were supposed to be gold teeth showing during your interviews.

Shaq O'Neal - El Grande PUNK A$$ N**** (deserves nothing) - The nerve of Shaq to strong arm Eddie Jones off every team they are on together. Make a free throw you big bi**h and then grow a f'ing personality. As big as Shaq is, it's too bad he wasn't blessed where it counts. My sources say them size 24's lie. No wonder he has to pay for it.

!!!!!!!Go Grizzlies!!!!!!