Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Uncalculated Math - Volume I

I'm at a loss for words, but not really...
So much happy angry frustration pent up inside me its silly
No time to write
No time to fight
Wake up do stuff I hate and then say good night
Clearly that aint right

I'm not doing me.

But its got to change cause aint nothin promised
That's common sense talking I didn't get that from Nostradamus
We should kick it sometime
watch Let's Do It Again and drink a few glasses of wine


but then I wake up and change my mind

to the previous time and the time before that
Way back with hats to the back

Before you were doing you.

See, you know my name,
but not who I am
I speak to you in my dreams...confiding
Listen to my melody
cause my love is in there...hiding
With you I should be riding

but you're doing you

Left, right or middle...hmmm, still deciding?
I'm cool

There...there now I just wrote that
at the corner of Westwood and Pico
Please continue to do you
but understand that Crockett wasn't shit without Rico.

WASET 2010