Sunday, August 13, 2006

The "N" Word

Somebody asked me about the “N” word
I said yeah, we still got niggas around here.
Somebody else told me not to say the word nigga
Just let it go
I suppose I would if I could
But there are still too many niggas out there that I know.
And they’re proud of it.
So I’ll stop saying it
When they stop playin’ it.
I’m a call as spade a spade
I’m a call the kettle black
I’ll stop calling niggas “niggas”
The same day niggas become Black and learn how the fuck to act

Cause see a word is just that
A word
Actions, not names must be changed
In order for change be heard
You think if we stop saying “ho” that ho's will go away
I saw some ho's when I got off the freeway in LA the other day
And, I saw about 5 ho's on my way to Grandma’s house just today
Clearly ho's like their job and they are here to stay
So basically until all niggas go away
The word nigga will live to see the next day
But did you ever think like maybe:
We wouldn’t need the word nigga no more
If the last nigga left and somebody ran behind him and locked the door
But niggas are like roaches
and they can come up through the floor
Now don’t trip cause although niggas come in all races, shapes and hues
The Negro ones I see on the daily are the ones looking like the biggest fools
With these niggas, you can’t eyeball ‘em
And you bet’not touch their “ice” or step on their tennis shoes
Ignorance goes together with niggas
Like police cars went with Hill Street Blues

This world is bigger than Black
You think I don’t know that
But this world was started by Black
So no I won’t step the fuck back
I keeps it real Real
And I’m a let you know the real deal
Cause life is about real shit
You don’t need to get rid of the word nigga
You need to get rid of the nigga mentality
And that’s real spit.
I really don’t know “what it do”
But, I see exactly what it don’t
I expose niggas cause they’re on some real stupid shit
Beckoning me to join them
But I won’t.
And so often alone it seems, I rhyme about real Black issues
Cause Kleenex is running out of tissues
Too many Black mothers mourning
Too many Black men jobless
Cause they’re too lazy to get up in the morning
Yeah I said it.
Lazy niggas
Get some glasses cause your vision is hazy niggas.
All this shit is making me crazy niggas.
I’m tired of all the excuses a la
“Oh, the white man did it”
Yeah, we already know
But you’re responsible for your own education
So go find a book and LOOK IN IT

Until this lame ass retarded mentality is put to rest
Not saying the word nigga is pretty much fruitless
Even if we called them something else
Without a serious mentally switch, who exactly would they be
I don’t know who to you
But they would still be niggas to me
Worrying about a word is wasting time
We should be worrying about all the niggas out committing crime
Pony up, but get off your high horse
Fuck the word nigga
If we really want to get rid of our problems
We’ll need to abolish the source.