Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I cried...

I cried last night for the Australian Aborigines
for the indigenous people of Fiji and Tahiti and the Hawaii’s
of Kmt, Samoa and Mali and the Philippines
of Mississippi and Alabama and the streets of New Orleans
I cried last night until my sheets were soaked
like a roaring river of broken hopes that belonged to all those who died so I could tell their story.
Long gone from here are they now and their legacies have been reduced to thrones of dusty rubble and lost glory.
Grasping my Ankh, clutching my shield and sword
192 billion and counting to Iraq
but for my people who are hurting, what shall be their reward?
I cried for the little boys and girls who saw the earth take away
what they never really had anyway.
A fair chance
Everything for the oil companies, but for us never even a glance
Until the glance fell upon you by the world’s eye
People Black and poor so I’m sure you and your mammy would never cry
For us
But don’t bother getting this twisted.
Five days without food and water at the Superdome
and you dare question why Kanye resisted.
Uh oh, here they come again.
Tears marching just like the soldiers you failed to send in.
Drip Drop
Drip Drop
I’m twitching now wishing that they would please stop
Hey CNN don’t show those same looters again.
We saw the man with the plasma TV.
Could you cut back to the elderly woman screaming please help me?
Sure could have used some help from the Office of Homeland Security.
Thoughts racing, time’s a wasting, devastated citizens pacing –
worried about the hard roads they’re facing.
But honestly there’s nothing more for us to lose.
Time to pick ourselves up out of the cotton fields
and stop singing these blues.
It won’t be easy, but we can’t just let you take The Big Easy.
We know the devil chased little aboriginal girls along the rabbit proof fence
We know the devil still shoots Iraqi citizens under false pretense.
And it's only obvious that we know what we are up against
it’s called clear and present danger
Hope you're never trapped behind a Bush and need help from this stranger
Matter fact,
I won’t even be able to cry for you because I have no tears left…
just anger.

only by WASET © 2005


strawberrylagoon said...

Very powerful.

Queenb said...

I hadnt cried before but I cry now reading your verse...very powerful indeed.

hi-lo said...

You left your blood and tears,disregarding any fears of being shunned by your peers and for that I bring you cheers. Once again, you've stirred the minds of those with vision and those that are blind.

Anonymous said...

After reading that piece I am speechless. I think that many of the survivors would love to have or hear that poem. I hope you will publish it in your next book. Coming soon we hope?

Chris. L

Jackie Williams said...

Powerfully written. Penned like the true prophetic poetess that you are.

Anonymous said...

I rode a tear.. that streamed from your eye.. as I left the puddle that had formed at the bottom of your eye lid, I focused where I wanted to land.. I'm sure you tasted the love I have for you, as I landed on your lips.. Once again, I found myself inside your heart..