Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This Is Where I Stand!

I’ve never cared for politicians, however my disdain for them has been growing like a rabid toe fungus in recent months. The sight of these people breaking their necks to appear on camera to promote all things anti-me and anti-citizens of this nation is abominable. These “people” have the audacity to tell the citizens what they have decided for us and that we should just sit down, shut up and get fuc*ed.

They tell that you shouldn't smoke. Then they tax cigarettes. Only to then themselves get caught on camera smoking crack. They preach that prostitution is illegal - right before they jaunt off to Argentina to trick. They tell you that there is no money in the coffers and demand more tax money from you. Then, with your tax dollars, they authorize the killing of citizens of other sovereign nations (Iraq); or, they use your tax revenues to pay for the benefits of people who have entered this country illegally. Yet, when you need help and pick up the phone to call your representative, they don’t pick up, or they answer the phone with a got-damn attitude like you are disturbing their crack smoking when you ring-a-ding ding.

Simple inquiry: How can you be governor of a State that you cannot pronounce the name of? It’s C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A you Austrian moron – not “Kaulifornia.”

As if this weren’t enough. As if enough of our jobs have not been handed away to India and Sri Lanka. As if our tax dollars aren’t going pay for people who broke law after law after law by showing up here uninvited, we come to this night. This night and the eve of the burial and laying to rest of the most prolific artist the world has ever seen: Michael Joseph Jackson. While I should be here writing about the great things Michael Jackson accomplished, I am forced to write about matters that should be obvious to even the dumbest among us. As a US citizen and native of Los Angeles, California, I think it is disgusting how city officials are handling this tragic event.

Los Angeles City Council members have been sniveled all over the news about how much it will cost the city to provide police protection and traffic control around the Staples Center because of Michael Jackson’s memorial service.

Well to each and any one of the Los Angeles City Council members or other government “officials” who opened their fat greedy gums and mention the cost of this memorial, I dedicate all seven of those items I flushed this morning to you. This memorial isn’t a party because a group of dudes put more balls into the net than another bunch of dudes. This is the culmination of a talented life that the world cherished. I don’t see these same politicians and city authoritarian douche bags complaining about people selling corn with hot unpasteurized cheese on the street corners every damn day. I don’t see them rushing to clean up the sidewalks or ensure that US citizens have adequate access to health care and oh yeah, SCHOOLBOOKS! I don’t see them filling up the potholes on Slauson Avenue. Therefore, I invite them all to become one with both of my middle fingers.

See this is the problem, these imbecilic politicians forget who they are working for. It’s called: No taxation without representation bi*ch! Look it up and check the relevance.

Los Angeles Police Department chief Earl Paysinger said, "I would encourage all of the Michael Jackson fans and well wishers to take advantage of the TV broadcast.” Well, I would encourage him and any others who parrot his sentiment to put two packets of STFU in their morning lattes!

"Well wishers?" Did he really say "well wishers?" Well, if Michael is gone, who are we wishing well? See, idiots!

Funny, I don’t recall Great Britain telling its citizens to remain in their homes when Princess Diana Spencer died. No, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets for miles and miles to honor her for the gracious humanitarian she was. But, that can’t happen here in this ghetto a$$ place. In the City of LA, we are being "encouraged"to remain indoors and honor Michael Jackson through out television sets.

To hell with them I say. I pay $25.00 a month to have my trash picked up even though property taxes are supposed to have allocations to cover trash collection. Now they want to tell me where I can stand? First, we experienced how repulsive it was to have the President of the United States fail miserably to pay proper tribute to Michael and now we have to deal with this treachery.

“Check the rhyme you beastly ogres, Michael Jackson made more of a difference in the lives of people across the world than did any of you politicians serving in the United States combined. Therefore, at 5 AM this morning, I will rise, shine, venture and go forth to pay homage to a soul lost before his time. You fu*king politicians can pay for any “expenses” out of the trash collection fees you are double charging us for.” -- WASET

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Ms. Butterfly said...

Lawd have mercy! I see why its easier to live in a bubble with so much corruption going on! I take it back it's not easy. Judgement day shall come and the hearts of these people will fail. Love ur blog!