Sunday, May 21, 2006

Free Biscuits & Gravy

“Ol’ man say there’s a farm bout 2-3 miles from here. Said uh… there’s a lady over there give him biscuits and gravy. She said if he bring his friend, she feed him too.”
Denzel Washington as Tripp in Glory

You think that’s the word in Mexico? That there’s a dumb bitch named America that will give you biscuits and gravy if you can get to her farm? What a stupid whore she would have to be to feed somebody else’s children before she feeds her own? I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m angry. And no, I’m not an “angry Black woman;” I’m a Black woman that’s angry. Simple as that! You might however find surprise at who I’m most angry with. While the powers that be (the White men in charge) find themselves running a close second, I’m actually angry with my own people. Oh, of course not you Black people. I’m talking about the niggas and Negroes that encircle us and seemingly cloud our Black judgment. Now this would be a good time to leave the room if you think you can’t handle what I’m about to drop.

U see them niggas run...? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

The issue of illegal immigration has really become a hotbed issue in the last few months. There are myriad reasons why this is so, but I won’t bore you with those details because the reality of the matter is, the details don’t matter as much as the outcome. Blacks were screwed long before the nation noticed we had a problem with people sneaking across the border. To all my Mexican and Central American homies that are in the United States illegally, you should not take what I say personally. I would say the same thing to the Canadians if they were coming here illegally and speaking French at the Burger King drive-thru. You see the problem is not who is here, (I don’t care where anybody illegally “immigrated” from) I care about how many people have done it, and how many will do it today, tomorrow and the next day. I care how many are here, utilizing resources that should be set-aside for citizens. Furthermore, I care about how the U.S. government has failed its citizens while trying to hand out the great American sleepover. But above all else, I care about how Negroes have failed themselves.

I would cautiously assume that pretty much everyone has seen the film Titanic. Yes niggas, I know you saw it on bootleg video or DVD cause that’s how you do. Well, the issue of illegal immigration in America is akin to the real story of the Titanic in that:

a. A whole bunch of people are headed to the same place on a boat. The rich and White are treated grandly, while others are treated like second-class citizens or even steerage. African people know all too much about being steerage. It’s a wonder they didn’t try to make luggage out of our skin after they worked us to death. Cut to slavery: “Mah Daddy had this black bag made out of a nigger name Bartholomew.” Oh God!

b. Now the Titanic boat is the largest and grandest of all the ships of her day. “Unsinkable” is the term they use to describe her. Like America - right?

c. All is well until the captain (guess who) gets greedy and speeds up the ship. He tries to rush across the icy ocean instead of listening to the ship’s builder who advises the Captain to slow down. The Captain also fails to heed the warnings from other Captains traveling along the same hazardous path. “Don’t invade Iraq you idiot!”

d. Fuck! The Titanic’s lookout spots an “iceberg, right ahead.” But, it is too late and the liner’s starboard side slams into the frigid boulder of destruction. War on Terror…

e. Uh oh. Not enough lifeboats. Greedy ass ship owner (guess who) felt that lifeboats would take up too much deck space. Is that why America Online moved functions to Bangalore, India? American salaries took up too much check space?

f. Now you’ve got twice as many people as you have lifeboats. If you overload the lifeboats they too will sink. If you don’t put enough people in the lifeboats, more people will go down with the ship. Wise up my dear Negroes. You are steerage and there is no lifeboat for you. You are going down with the ship if you do not act. Now!

For some reason, colored folks just can’t seem to do anything in a timely fashion. I know this because I too suffer from the lateness affliction (to a degree) and that’s why I can speak on it. What’s worse, niggas have taken it upon themselves to decide that stupid is the new smart. A nigga will go to the snow without a jacket. A nigga will buy weed before the light bill gets paid. Oh I can’t go on because this is painful. Why can’t niggas and colored folks think ahead? The Baker on the Titanic knew the ship was going down hard. He grabbed some cooking sherry and ran to the boat deck. He couldn’t get into a lifeboat so he ended up in the water. But, before he found himself sloshing around the deep and freezing water, he drank the sherry. Guess what? He was one of only a few people pulled from the water alive.

In between hot comb appointments, Al Sharpton went ahead and wrote this article on immigration. Personally, I thought all the hoopla was about “ILLEGAL” immigration, but click the link to find out if brother Al is buying weed or stocking up on cooking sherry.

“Nigga is you an old man or an old woman? I forget!"


I wish I had some cooking sherry right now. I would drink down the whole bottle like it was Ripple. I do have some Zinfandel on the wine rack and this mess is so depressing that I think I’m about due for a swig right out of the bottle. Hey, remember this movie?

I know, I know, most of us would like to forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, but do you remember what he said in this film? My friends, he said: “You've just been erased.” Well Mr. & Mrs. Negro, you are being erased as we speak. I can’t really say what the final straw was that broke the Black back. I don’t think it was Tiger Woods’ great golf since he said he was cablinasian and that indicates Caucasian first. I would say it was when my hero Johnny Cochran won the trial for OJ, but that wasn’t that long ago and this plan has been in plot mode for decades. Maybe it was when one of you Negroes purchased the 1 millionth Cadillac or Mercedes Benz that things went over the top? Could have happened because of all those riots, or because of the mere existence of the Black Panther Party? I wonder if it was when Madonna put a Black Jesus in her Like a Prayer video? I don’t know, but whatever it was, one of us pissed the White man off so bad that he wants us gone. He wants us Erased. Sunk like a Battleship. Dead like good rap music. Shut down like a Black business. Hidden like our leaders. Forced into early retirement with little to no pension. Departed like the dearly. You ask am I finished yet? Humph, not nearly.

Coming Next: Part IV of IV – only by WASET


E. Joyce Moore said...

Interesting thoughts. I am beginning to believe that we have become the frog on the hot plate. We have become so comfortable in our discontent that we don't realize we are being fried.

E. Joyce Moore
"Gettin' to the Good Wood" http:/
Contributor: Chicken Soup for the African American Soul,
What is the Purpose of a Banana? by Dr. Carlton Green

Anonymous said...

Waset is off the chain for real. That Titanic reference was so funny, but true nevertheless. What is wrong with people these days?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Waset!

One thing is for sure - you are a woman of great conviction and of
the highest integrity! You tell the truth - unflinchingly and with a
take-no-prisoners attitude that we of the African-American persuation
should ALL HAVE, especially those of us who claim to take our "education" seriously. I ran across a few articles on illegal immigration written in the past few days (all on that I
thought you might be interested in:

Mexico Bars Immigrants From Thousands of Jobs[2][3]

Texans, Mexicans Straddle Border Line

In case you didn't know, I'm AGAINST illegal immigration, and am
completely AGAINST awarding amnesty to lawbreakers, no matter where they're from. You know, it's so ironic that this administration
allows Cubans and Dominicans to come in by boat, but turns away
Haitian immigrants. What, is it more dangerous for a Black person to speak French than to speak Spanish? As on of my good friends would say:- "WTF???"
Keep the good stuff coming!!!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...


Once again you are on point with your views and your ability to express them and make them understand. I love reading your views and wish more people would read and understand what is really going on in the world. The titanic reference was great and on point. I look forward to reading more...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I was reading your stuff and you cracked me up. It's true...but 'funny' from your description. Now Everybody and their Mama...wants to speak out about being a Citizen...and really there's more people than that. I can see...just from the movies/directors/actors/jobs...that those people also include those from Russia..Australia...and everywhere else. I could see the 'take over' 4 years ago and before in California, when I lived there. I felt like a Visitor in my own country...and then in the San Gabriel area (around Rosemead, Alhambra) everything is in Asian...signs..businesses...and will look at you like 'what you doing here?'. When I worked for L.A.'s Welfare To Work Program for 3 years, some of those Case Workers (who are from Armenia, Vietnam, China, Mexico and everywhere but here...just about)...talked to those Welfare recipients...who were mostly Black, ex offenders, former drug & alcohol abusers (though there were a few nodding in my classes)...and they tried to "Not" be available, talk to them like dogs, etc. I had to Stop and talk to some Brothers who wanted to kick ass. I told them to report them to the Supervisors...and I tried to calm them down...that they would get arrested. But can you imagine being homeless...or just the $212 month..just being released from Prison, turned out...whatever...and you talk to someone who just got here...can't hardly speak Jobs (making good money)...and they talk to you like that? Oh yea....I know...I was there...and I'm going tell it! Not only El Monte...just about All the Asian recipients got excused...saying they were sick or exempt. But you know..they lived in a household...getting food stamps and GR...probably with family members who owned businesses. I Watch & Observe...and Always Have. TheGovernment...Politicians...Church People..Community 'knows' about downtown skidrow. I worked at the Union Rescue Mission, right there for 2 years. All of those Black men and women and children, living on the streets in cardboard boxes...and have been...those that haven't died...for many years. America and it's people have a lot of Explaining to do. I got some stories about that Mission to...suppose to be so Christian...yea right.


Anonymous said...

Waset -

I went to a comedy club last night and those comics were not even amusing compared to you and your style and delivery. I think I've laughed harder at this blog than I did at the comedy show. I'm mad that I paid $10 when your blog is free. Okay, I need to order your book now, cause you're crazy girl and I love it.

Inoji Fujikawa

Anonymous said...

Girrrl..... you are the SH***T!... you hear me... I needed that this morning.



Anonymous said...

Oh Al is definately buying weed lots and lots of weed. Let us remember African Americans DID NOT steal slave ships to get her nor did we want to be here. So when you talk about marchin in the streets we were due that march we built his country!! I dont recall mexican buildin shit!! We are not illegal dammit!! I dont care that you are here if you are here legally!!! So what if you came here 20 years ago and held a job the whole time but forgot to pay taxes and had an American citizen for a spouse and some children you are still illegal and you should still be deported!!!! PERIOD