Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things I know about, but don't understand...

Why is it that when someone dies in the hood, people have a car wash? Is that the only way to raise money for a funeral?

Why don’t people just admit that most of the clothing you see on the runway in fashion shows is UGLY?

In about 95% of cases where Black people are interviewed for news broadcasts, at least one of those people being interviewed has at least one tooth missing. Is that indicative of a lack of dentists within the highlighted areas? Are 95% of Black people in these areas missing teeth? See this is why polls don’t work. If you took a poll of how many Negroes being interviewed have missing teeth, you might come to the conclusion that 95% of Black people have missing teeth.

What the f*ck is a gay marriage? I don’t even understand a marriage in general, so how am I supposed to understand a gay one? Unless, it just means a happy marriage. And I don’t know any of those either…

Did you notice in the video above that there were no Black workers working on those buildings -in Watts? Oh yeah, there was one – doing security. Now that is a problem that I do understand. If you explore this blog further, you will too.


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CHIC NOIR said...

I don't play about going to the dentist. I will dig into my own pocket to pay for fillings and cleanings.