Saturday, January 23, 2010


The wolves prowl around.
Vultures circle overhead.
Waiting to scavenge on what has been seemingly left for dead.
Weakened, but resolute
No bullets
But ready to shoot
any insinuation that these wounds
will not heal
None of these heartless motherfuckers
know the pain that

Its funny when I look and see
that from the outside looking in
the reflection peering back
is still ME.

Like rabid dogs the wolves snarl and sniff.
Ready to pounce when they catch a whiff.
But I made an about face
to face the facts about the obstacles that I face.
I killed my demons and interrogated my soul.
Like the First 48 detectives it’s a closed case
and I’m on a roll.

I get it now!
And I know that it took me longer than I expected.
Had to disconnect my heart, but now I know that its protected.
Fuck the wolves and the vultures.
And fuck these dumb ass Negroes
cause I’m thinking of switching cultures.
You can growl, bark, seek, scan, sneak, haunt and try to get me.
But know that my will is stronger than your meager attempts -
At this point your strongest game can’t tempt me.
Your actions have played a major role in my decision
Thank you Maya Angelou for telling me “still I rise,”
because now
have risen!

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Anonymous said...

great job