Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Told You We Weren't All Gonna Agree On This

This is an exchange between me and a gentleman who was forwarded my Tookie Williams piece. I asked him if I could post his comments and he graciously gave me the permission to do so. In that spirit, I think it is important to note that I am posting this debate because we need to examine the perceptions we have for and against each other. That is one of the first steps towards finding a common ground and uniting. Having said that, I will let you talk amongst yourselves (AND IN THE COMMENT BOOTH) after you peep the following. Please note: My comments are in BLACK!

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE BLACK COMMUNITY AT ALL CONSIDERING YOUR THOUGHTS IN YOUR ARTICLE . you have the mentality of a caucasion, so white supremacy has completed it's whitewashing of you through it's media & school systems !!!
COMMUNICATION IS POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I’m confused. Are you saying that because I don’t support people who do wrong, I’m white washed? I am far from being whitewashed and influenced by the media. That sounds like an easy cop-out for those that choose to stand by while more and more Black people die or are swallowed up by the system and then make excuses for those who cause it. I’m not buying into that at all. We are responsible for ourselves, regardless of the white man and the media.

I know your confused and don't understand, because you're whitewashed !
what if i say your doing wrong by voting in ameriKKKas local,state, and federal elections in a system thats clearly anti-Black and giving financial support through your tax dollars to destroy other sovereign countries women & children for monetary gain? YOU'LL SAY THAT'S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOO ...
COMMUNICATION IS POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Clearly you haven't read my book or you would know that whitewashed is one of the last things that I would ever be. So tell me, do you not vote? Do you not work and pay taxes? There are many, many things that I would like to change,but I still don't see where you are making a point on the issue at hand. Are you saying that we should allow criminals to wreak havoc on our grandparents, aunts and children because the system is racist?

how are young Blacks hurting grandparents, aunts and so on?
brothas are on the streets to survive, because there aren't a substantial number of jobs through white businesses to employ them, especially to take care of a whole family. you may not have heard but unemployment is very high in this country for Black folks !!! POVERTY & HOPELESSNESS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR CRIME, NOT BECAUSE YOUNG BLACKS ARE IGNORANT AND DO WHAT THEY HEAR OFF OF RAP LYRICS AS THE MEDIA & PASSIVE ANTI-BLACK ORGANIZATIONS (N.A.A.C.P, URBAN LEAGUE, CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCAS ) PORTRAYS.

AFTER THE KATRINA FIASCO-hell no i don't vote !


COMMUNICATION IS POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I don’t know where you live, but unless you’re living in a lily-white neighborhood I am sure you have seen crime before. Whatever the case, I don’t know if it is safe for kids to play in your neighborhood, but in most black neighborhoods in Los Angeles, it isn’t. The elderly cannot take walks without worrying about being shot dead on the streets. Shall I continue?

If you don’t vote, it can only get worse. Now how do you propose things are going to get better if you don’t participate in the process?

You are correct when you say that unemployment is high in America – especially for Blacks. But does that mean you give up and resort to illegal activities to get over? That sounds like laziness to me. I mean you might have a better chance at making that argument if there were no Black people with jobs in your entire town. Yet, surely somebody Black has a j-o-b where you reside. You might even have a better chance at making that argument if you could prove that there are no schools or libraries in America. Schools are free for all Americans, (albeit they are substandard in most Black areas) but education is in books and you can get books everywhere. Bottom line, it is up to each and every one of us to be the best we can be. Slaves couldn’t go to school. They were banned from reading and writing. They were kept ignorant so that they could not excel and survive in a humanistic manner. Nevertheless, they tried harder then than we as a people try now. That is unfathomable. There is no excuse now! We are no longer slaves, except in our residual mindsets.

You talk about Blacks being poor. Are you really serious? I’m not saying there are not poor Black folks in America. But take yourself over to Bangladesh or Afghanistan or Soweto and you will see what poor is. They don’t have food stamps or State subsidies in Calcutta. Get off that excuse please, not when there is straight out famine in the Sudan. Stop it. just stop!

Contrary to what you might believe, ignorance begets ignorance. Blacks have no control of the media, thus those in control of the media ensure that young Black children see the most ignorant fools on television as much as possible. 50 Cent is a damn disgrace, but he graces every magazine cover possible. Why? It is a saturation of stupidity. Same principle as slavery only with a new format, and still managing to keep Negroes ignorant – all while the NAACP, Urban League, the Nation and others stand by and watch. Nonetheless, when the next gang member who shot up a few Black kids at a carnival gets ready to meet his maker courtesy of any State in America, Jesse Jackson will be there to beg for his mercy. God have mercy on us all!


You don’t EVEN want to get me started on that!


Anonymous said...

THIS CONVERSATION DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. Tookie Williams was not in prison for killing Black people! No genocide, no problem. And if the State of California did not kill Charles Manson, why is it okay for Tookie to die? RECOGNIZE. Do not try to act like Tookie is/was responsible for the actions of the Crips. He had to have been a teenager when he started the gang. How many high school kids start clubs that they are executed for more than 30 years later? The man is dead. THE END... And the rest of us need to quit depending on the system that has been developed to keep us behind, and help each other. I don't care how many books you read, HIS-story has been erasing, undermining, and discrediting Black people centuries. Y'all need to wake up.

Please post this!

Queenb said...

I tried to stay out of this discourse but DAMN! I am sick and tired of black people playing the victim. Racism exists and continues to exist because black folks always play the fucking victim. Dude…you did not get a promotion cause ya lazy ass don’t do shit! Hell yeah they are following you around Saks cause you a wearing a Starter jacket and its fucking 80 degrees. No doubt there are stereotypes but 9 out of 10 times…they are on point but I digress, bottom line…..Tookie was killed because he committed a crime….period. I am black but I realize that we (black people) are quick to equate EVERYTHING to being black, maybe if we stop treating our color like a disease then perhaps white folks will stop placing us under quarantine. The system is not putting us back…we are putting ourselves back. They treated us badly no doubt but that was ages ago, so we need to get the fuck over it and move on. Hell at least the KKK are hateful toward other races. The Crips and all these black gangs are hateful towards their own we are erasing our own damn history. How dumb is that? Waset…I feel you 110% if more black folks shared your sentiments we would be better off.

Waset said...
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Waset said...

WAIT A MINUTE, HOT DAMMIT, (by the way, I think we've got ourselves an actual Kontroverse here)please tell me you did not say that because Tookie did'nt kill Black people that there's no problem? Please tell me I read that wrong due to eyecrust from this morning.

As far as the very evil Charles Manson goes, he was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted when California ruled the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment. I don't agree with that and I think that Manson should be taken out just like Sharon Tate and the others were taken out. He's so bad, I wonder if he'd keep that smirk on his face if he were tortured in the middle of the town square?

Furthermore, Tookie Williams was a grown ass man, i.e., old enough to know some damn better when he helped found the genocidal gang he founded and when he murdered his victims. If he was old enough to walk across the street without somebody holding his hand, then he was old enough to know that crime doesn't pay. Maybe his little gang did not start off as what it has turned into, but he got his for dealing his victims a bad hand not for the genocide that he help to initiate.

You are correct when you say His-story has been erasing Black people for centuries. Nevertheless, whitey might as well just put his pen down with us and start focusing on the Mexicans cause some Negroes are still re-writing our history and there is poison in the ink.


P said...

Spectacular Blog site.

I am a firm believer in personal responsbiligy and accountability.

Everyone Judgment cometh, and that right soon.

We are the only nation, that, if we have a differing opinion, we are subject to the wrath w/n our own.

I won't go as far as saying that we are the only people keeping us BACK, but I do know we sometimes create our own roadblock due to social constructs that have been developed over time. Sure, we can't and don't deny racism, that would be foolish, However, there is always a way out. Some avenues harder than others, but it can be done.

Keep bringing it.

Foxi said...

First of all, 2 wrongs don't make a right. Regardless of all the wrongs committed against innocent Blacks, and there are multitudes, that does not excuse the wrongs committed by Black individuals upon innocent members of society. Tookie got the death sentence because he deserved it. I don't understand how so many of these criminals are treated with so many rights, after they have done what they did to their victims whose rights they took away! 24 years on death row is too long! The sentence should be delivered within a 5-7 year period, then these kinds of situations would not be an issue.

Anonymous said...

" have the mentality of a caucasion..." see! I knew a black person can't have hair like yours!

Anonymous said...


I think he would have a different opinion if he was a kid that wore glasses and carried a trombone along with his bookbag and got terrorized by bangers on his way home from school.

Gman's Philosophy 101 said...

I didn't think I'd hear from Tookie Williams again but I completely agree with Waset and Queenb. The easiest thing to do to cover up for one's own inadequacies is to make excuses and explain why you or others like you are sorry, when there really is no excuse. When a person chooses to pursue a life filled with criminal acts he is at the same time choosing to victimize innocent people and tramatically impact or in this case end the course of their lives. There is no honor to be gained when your "hustle" promotes the suffering of another. If you choose crime, understand there are risks, accept the consequences and dont make excuses. By the way my President is Black.