Thursday, January 20, 2005

Letter to the Predators (1/17/05)

Harassment at Los Angeles International Airport

LAX Community Relations Division
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90045

To Whom It May Concern:

On January 16, 2005, I drove to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to pick-up a family member who was scheduled to arrive on an Alaska Airlines flight. Seconds after pulling up at Alaska’s baggage claim terminal, I was met by several men in olive green uniforms, who began to waive me off, telling me rather rudely that I was not allowed to stop in front of the baggage claim area. “Keep moving, keep moving,” they shouted out to me at once, as I searched the swarm of people exiting the vicinity.

After making sure I didn’t see my family member, I drove around the airport as I had been so impolitely instructed to do. Finally, I made my way back to the Alaska terminal where there were still planeloads of travelers exiting the double doors with their luggage. While I inched down the lane in my car, reviewing the faces, looking for the familiar, another representative of the LAX little green men association banged upon my car window with some sort of extremely large flashlight. With an angry stare, the man yelled at me to move my car out of the area and drive around the airport. Without a word, I made my way around the airport, again, but this time I began to get really angry. Not the angry you get when someone slaps the last sour cream and onion potato chip out of your hand, but the angry that caused me to feel my blood boil throughout my body.

Thinking that the third time would be the charm, I pulled up to the Alaska Airlines baggage area and happily spotted my family member waiting for me. There were five or six cars loading ahead of me, so I had to ease up slowly as each car left with its cargo. As I made my way down the lane to meet my soon-to-be passenger, I witnessed a very ignorant bully in a green LAX suit, scream at a man in a yellow vest to “MOVE.” The man being disparaged had just gotten out of his vehicle to open the trunk for his wife and two small children who were approaching from behind. Startled and seemingly scared from being yelled at, the man rushed back to his driver’s side in order to move his car; however, he could not drive forward due to the traffic. The LAX representative could see that the man could not move his car, and he could also see that the man’s passengers were approaching, yet he kept shouting at the man. Because he could not drive forward, the man attempting to pick-up his wife and kids, tried to back up and almost hit his family members in the process. It was a very harrowing and completely unnecessary incident.

Seconds later, another LAX airport simpleton came up to my passenger side window and yelled at me to move my car. Clearly livid by this point, I rolled down my window and screamed, How the f*** am I supposed to pick-up a passenger if you are telling me I can’t stop and pick them up? The LAX employee retorted, “because this is a f****** loading zone!” Exactly what I am going to do… load, I said, rolling up my window in his face. I began to see red and I became so distressed that my inner-most feelings were begging me to get out of my car and slap the man in green, yet common sense and the potential for jail time caused me to yield.

I have traveled to many places – post September 11th, yet I have never encountered such ridiculous treatment of customers at an airport in all of my days. Eventually, America might become a police state, but that hasn’t happened yet. All the same, the bullying I witnessed by LAX employees upon people picking up passengers was apprehensible. I am a United States citizen, yet I was treated like a terrorist by these safari hat crowned rental cops. Yes, there were signs posted that said “no parking and no waiting,” but what does that mean? Does it mean that if your 91-year-old grandmother is rolling out to your car in a wheelchair that you can’t wait for her to arrive at your vehicle? Does it mean that granny should lift weights to build up arm strength so she can roll up next to your moving car and jump from wheelchair to vehicle - Jackie Chan style? What about her luggage? Should you drive around twice so she can throw the luggage in on the first trip and then heave her way into her seat when you come around again?

I would like to understand the absurdity that substantiates how people picking up passengers can’t stop to pick up passengers, yet town cars, taxicabs and limousines can sit and wait for fares until the cows come home. I think a terrorist would use a taxicab to blow something up before he or she would use my Denali. If the concern is so great about people picking up passengers, why let cars into the airport at all? Why not just shuttle all travelers (from Paris Hilton to the man with no feet) to a vacant lot and dump them and their bags on the sidewalk? That way, granny can at least take her time.

The idiocy and harassment that I witnessed at LAX was surely not an aberration. During my dizzying drives around the interior circumference of the airport, I saw many unhappy drivers being accosted by the green men in safari hats. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the airport arrival dock is not a safari site, and the people picking up friends and family members are not potential game for the little men in green to prey upon. This situation needs to be formally addressed immediately. GAME OVER!

Waset Regir
author.traveler.united states citizen


Anonymous said...

It's truly remarkable how stupid conditions in the U.S. are when it comes to various situations. I can just imagine how livid you were at the airport because I was livid reading it. I could feel your pain. There are ignorant people all over the world, and believe me America is no exception, esp. with george bush(whacker) at the helm, and don't forget arnie s. of CA.! I've been praying alot lately and I've been reassured that all unfairness, treachory, terrorism, evil acts against the innocent, by those incharge and not in charge, will not go unpunished. God Bless! Keep informing!

Queenb said...

LOL ...girl I swear you sound like me! It amazes me how people go bananas once they feel like they have a little authority! You should have bitch slapped the MF!
I had a similar experience at the airport once when I missed my flight, this asswipe told me to sit down and be quiet! imagine, like I was his baby neice or something!

Anonymous said...


Girl you already know! GET EM! & keep GETTIN EM! til they take heed!

Jackie Williams said...

Waset, I stopped flying after the 911 incident. I went to the airport once to pick up my son who was flying in from Seattle & that was when I noticed that things have really going haywire. You can't park in front of the airport anymore & you can't ride the trains to the concourses. We have given up alot of privileges in the name of protecting us from terrorism.

Personally, I lived under terrorism in middle Georgia most of my childhood years, but the terrorists then were the people who are feeling terrorized now. I hate it that America's political policies has led people of other cultures to take desperate means to get back at them. And now innocent American citizens have to suffer the consequences. I remember reading a book years ago by Allen Drury 'Come Ninevah, Come Tyre'. Some of the things that were depicted in that book are coming to life right off of the pages. We are headed for a police state in the name of 'feeling secure'.

Believe it or not, that means that the terrorists have already won. They have changed the face of America and the future politicians to come are going to be so power driven and frightened that they are going to exercise extreme force on the masses while draping themselves in the 'red, white, & blue'. Just watch!!!